Personal Loans

Please note we do not charge any fees upfront. Only at the end of the month and after processing your loan application. You will receive a reminder email within 24hours to confirm this via Debi-Check which will also confirm your bank account details in order for us to process the loan faster.

I offer permission for EC Online Loans to debit my account with a Once Off Fee of R 249.99 to cover cost in sourcing a Loan for me. This Fee is payable whether the loan is Approved, Declined or not accepted by me.  If the R 249.99 isn’t accessible EC Online Loans can deduct this account over an amount of four months to recover funds from the same account.


Our referral consultant(s) and their several monetary Services and credit suppliers whom vet our purchasers to produce  potential loans, subject to the clients’ affordability and credit criteria as prescribed and ruled by the NCA (National Credit Act, 2005, We give pay day loan services. Representative Example: Nett loan quantity, R 50,000.00, over 36 ,months (Annual share Rate) 10.71%,  mounted nominal rate at 84% p.a., one-time service charge or so a pair of.00% of internet loans quantity. This might apply provided the following: A decent credit score and positive affordability criteria at the only discretion of the credit supplier. Please note, this representative example might vary obsessed with the service supplier granting the credit transaction/agreement.

Loan Types:

Blacklisted Loans, Unsecured Loans, Personal Loans, Business Loans and 

Payday Loans

Applying for loans at multiple lenders will negatively impact your credit rating as you may receive multiple credit checks against your name. 

EC Online Loans was established in 2005 with the aim to instantly match the customer with the correct loan product

How does the Loans Process Work

At EC Online Loans we tend to believe that it’s the duty of the establishment provide Personal Loans opportunities to make sure that the applier will, realistically and licitly, repay the loan they apply for. Our vision is to help and educate the maximum amount as we are able to once it involves assuaging unhealthy credit. We tend to aim to facilitate the journey towards acquisition monetary autonomy and freedom by providing loans, payday loans and advice, and steerage on a way to get eliminate debt and maintain smart habits once handling ones finances. Our referral consultant(s) and their several monetary Services and credit suppliers whom vet our purchasers to produce a potential loan, subject to the clients’ affordability and credit criteria as prescribed and ruled by the NCA (National Credit Act, 2005 )

Applying for loans at multiple lenders will negatively impact your credit rating as you may receive multiple credit checks against your name.

Types of Loans

When you’re beneath monetary pressure in obtaining Loans. It should be as fast and straightforward as possible. We tend to believe that everybody deserves a equal chance to resolve their debts and dangerous credit. That’s why our Loans application method is simple and quick.

Bad credit? Prescribed debt? Blacklisted Loans and Payday Loans makes it possible to get small amount of additional money to get through the month! Apply for Unsecured Loans with EC Online Loans and acquire the cash. We tend to don’t care what you credit scenario is, we tend to the area unit committed to finding a Personal Loan which will get you one step nearer to monetary freedom and your Cash flow back on track for the month. Loan Consolidation could be a method by that you are taking all of your existing credit agreements and roll them into one loan. so as to scale back the entire monthly payment, shoppers typically stretch it out over the longest amount attainable,generally five years or 60 months.

Unsecured Credit Facilities

Are facilities which will be used over and over, clearly if the payments area unit created on every occasion. samples of these styles of merchandise area unit Credit Cards, Store Cards, Overdrafts and charge account credit Plans. They typically have the bottom rate of interest of the unsecured credit merchandise. the most quantity of interest Credit suppliers could charge on these

Agreements is that the current Repo Rate + 15%. The price of credit on these agreements is usually more reduced as a result of just one initiation fee is charged at origination of the loan.

Are merchandise like Personal Loans. The total loan quantity is given to the patron and therefore the payments area usually fastened for the amount of the Loan. Once the Loan is repaid, one would want to reapply for the Loan acquisition new initiation fees and charges. The most charge per unit applicable to those agreements is capped at the present Repo Rate and 21%

What adds to the price of credit is that initiation fees area unit charged every time the Loan is taken, therefore not like a mastercard with a budget facility which will be extended to a year, then reused for a replacement group action, this Loan would mechanically be closed at the top of the reimbursement amount.

Credit Score

Our Credit Score and your Credit Report are important to your money wellness and may have an enormous influence on your life. As associate example, somebody with a higher credit score would possibly simply pay R 20 000 less in interest and costs for a awfully customary entry-level new automotive purchase over the amount of the loan. Within the same approach, one-hundredth distinction in interest on a consumer credit will amendment the price of credit for a median home.


Want to calculate the repayments on your loan quickly and easily? Use our Loan Calculator to figure out what proportion interest you may pay. Calculate the price of credit over the life of the loan. Total what proportion your balance can cut back with every payment.

There are twelve registered Credit Bureaus in South Africa, and therefore the main 2 are listed below. It’s vital to notice that Credit Bureaus has the listing so one completes the right type for the loan.


Our main operative principles are:

You will ne’er be sold , encouraged, or forced to borrow additional credit than needed. We’ll verify your immediate and future credit limit supported in-depth credit and standing checks, together with however responsibly you’ve got used our service suppliers within the past.

We deliver on our guarantees and describe our service honestly and accurately in the least times – we’ll ne’er create any dishonorable claims or hard-sell your loans.

Personal Loans
Blacklisted Loans


In addition to any restrictive necessities, we’ll invariably show you the whole value of reimbursement terribly clearly and conspicuously before you apply on all contracts. This calculation includes all potential prices concerned, with no hidden fees or catches solely the number you wish to pay.

We conjointly clearly make a case for the potential prices and consequences currently or non-payment and that we won’t ever amendment the speed of interest or charge throughout the lifetime of your loan because the interest is fastened over the term.

Our service suppliers use Credit Bureaus and every one the publicly-available knowledge at their disposal to protect against fraud and create the most effective doable loaning selections supported your circumstances at the purpose of application. This includes proof of your income and monetary commitments.

What is a Personal Loan

A personal loan may be a nominal quantity of cash borrowed from a investor, that square measure usually paid back in fastened monthly payments over a collection time. you’ll be able to arrange to group action the money over a short, mid-term or semi permanent loan compensation amount.

Loan Consolidation could be a method by that you are taking all of your existing credit agreements and roll them into one loan. so as to scale back the entire monthly payment, shoppers typically stretch it out over the longest amount attainable,generally 5 years or 60 months.

One ought to observe of the actual fact that one is sometimes, therefore,  sure existing credit facilities like Credit Cards and overdrafts for the next charge per unit Loan. Consolidation Loans square measure so typically granted once the most credit facilities are concerned, with affordability being the foremost common divisor for declines. It’s conjointly important to recollect that the Credit Facilities, like Credit Cards and overdrafts, aren’t mechanically closed once one transfers the payment received from the Consolidation Loan. Fees and account charges will simply keep the account active.

How does a Loan work with EC Online Loans

EC Online Loans Personal loans work by applying for a loan quantity, from R 1000 to R 150 000, and upon approval, you may receive the money during a payment. Your repayments area unit mounted monthly payments over a fixed time (up to 84 months) supported the Loan amount, what you’ll be able to afford.

How will this effect my Credit Score

Credit bureaus see regular Loan repayments as a proof that you simply square measure a trustworthy recipient. And a private loan will improve your credit score if you retain up with repayments. you’ll conjointly use a private loan to consolidate your debt into one loan, providing you with fewer and lower monthly payments.

Loans with EC Online Loans

We Assist in Personal Loans Across South Africa If your bank is refusing to administer you  money we are able to facilitate. Applying with EC Online Loans is fast and straightforward. you’ll be able to even have the cash you wish in your checking account on identical day you apply. Conclude regarding our loan necessities to urge started or apply nowadays and acquire the loan you wish as shortly as  doable.You may conjointly prefer to undertake our handy loan calculator , this is often never a certain science, however it’ll offer you a rough plan of what you’ll be able to expect. We are going to in fact bear everything with you after you apply for your loan to work out precise repayments.

Get a Private Loan Nowadays

We offer a comprehensive and versatile monetary  money loan vary, specially tailored to fulfill the requirements of all our purchasers. An easy application kind is all that is needed after you apply for a private loan with EC Online Loans.
We generally offer you a “yes” or “no” at intervals 6 hours. You may even be paid out identical day, betting on circumstances, and your credit history. We strive to make loans accessible wherever others do not. All you wish to try and do to use for a private loan is to fill out our kind accurate

Loans of  R 8000 over a amount not than 6 months. These area unit typically known as Payday Loans and is far and away the foremost overpriced sort of credit.



Our service suppliers invariably offer a transparent warning regarding the intense nature of credit and make a case for the potential consequences of non-payment or late reimbursement. If your circumstances amendment for the more serious, you’ll be treated fairly and with all respect.

All our service suppliers abide by each the spirit and also the word of the National Credit Regulator’s steering on Debt assortment as made public in Chapter 5 of the National Credit Act thirty four of 2005 and ulterior associated steering. they’ll solely ever extend the length of your loan term once requested to try and do therefore by you – and if they believe it to be in your best interests. Tey’ll clearly make a case for the extra value of extending your loan, need you to considerably cut back the outstanding balance to try and do therefore and limit the amount of times you’ll move your reimbursement date.

Our service suppliers can ne’er extend the term of your loan while not your request and that they won’t charge you a default fee, however they’ll charge you administration prices incurred by them in trying to gather what’s owed to them by you.


We create it simple to contact EC Online Loans throughout workplace hours: via the web site, e-mail or by phone. If you’ve got a grievance or concern you’ll receive a response from EC Online Loans at intervals hours. We will answer your grievance and endeavor to resolve it at intervals 24 operating hours. If your grievance is especially advanced it should take longer to analyze however, in these cases, {we can|we’ll|we are going to} make a case for why there’s a delay and tell you once we will contact you once more If you’re not glad with our response you’ll charm the choice by writing to EC Online Loans once more, stating your objections and providing any new info.

Commitment to Keeping Loans

You will invariably be inspired to settle your debt quickly – either on time or early. you’ll be able to compare interest accumulated at any stage with the whole value of credit on the in agreement reimbursement date – at any time. Our service suppliers can clearly show you the way abundant you’ll save if you compromise early.

You can repay a loan early at any time and economize, paying solely the interest accumulated up to it purpose. Our service suppliers don’t charge early reimbursement fees and there aren’t any catches. They’ll mechanically collect full reimbursement on the date in agreement and ne’er encourage you to roll your balance over for an additional term

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