About EC Online Loans and Blacklisted Loans

Our Vision

We aim to be the foremost most well-liked monetary loan service supplier, providing money loans for the medium-income sector of the population in South Africa and align our business with the relevant monetary loan business governing bodies, so as to assist influence the loan business to the good thing about our clients; clear or blacklisted.
We strive to be a monetary service supplier that puts minds relaxed, knowing that there’s a lightweight at the top of the tunnel,which a loan is get able.

Our Mission

Every day we have a tendency to work to modify all of our medium-income South African communities to own full access toreasonable loans. Rendering knowledgeable and caring service, and addressing the monetary loan desires of all ourpurchasers, is our prime priority.
Our mission is to become the one dependable monetary loan service supplier in African country, for those that would struggleto induce money loans because of unhealthy credit with alternative monetary service suppliers.

Our Standards

We deliver associate degree exceptionally friendly and caring service to any or all our clients, and endlessly  develop our loan product zero in order to anticipate and meet all of our clients’ wants.
We unending grow and develop our employees, making certain we’ve driven friendly employees providing exceptional services to any or all our shoppers. We tend to go the additional mile to confirm that our shoppers are utterly happy with the monetary services that we provide them.
Our mission is to resolve consumers’ occasional, imperative associate degree short income issues with an equally short resolution. We tend to base our commitment to accountable loaning on transparency, flexibility and extreme property – we tend to believe it’s potential to produce credit in a very means that suits shoppers, not lenders.
EC Online Loans is taking a contemporary approach to credit. Not everybody operational during this area is doing there therefore we’d prefer to justify precisely what shoppers will expect once victimization our service. These principles are additionally to our strict adherence to South EC Online Loans underneath the National Credit Act, similarly because the client Protection Act.

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