Eskom bags over R3bn in new Loans

Eskom bags over R3billion in new Loans

R3bn in new loans to improve power transmission

Power utility Eskom has entered into a loans agreement with the African Development Bank cluster for R2.8bn and $25m, totalling over R3bn.

The add of $25m equals about R347m at current exchange rates.

This is in keeping with a press release issued by Eskom on Tues afternoon.

The loan are going to be wont to improve power transmission in Southern Africa, Eskom said. the facility utility exports power to a minimum of six countries within the Southern African region.

Eskom luggage over R3bn in new loans to enhance power transmission

Power utility Eskom has entered into a loan agreement with the African Development Bank cluster for R2.8bn and $25m, totalling over R3bn.

The total of $25m equals or so R347m at current exchange rates.

This is in line with a press release issued by Eskom on Tuesday afternoon.

The loan are wont to improve power transmission in Southern Africa, Eskom said. the ability utility exports power to a minimum of six countries within the Southern African region.

Power outage risk rising – South African utility Eskom

South Africa’s power service Eskom says the chance of nationwide electricity outages has accumulated considerably thanks to a pointy fall in coal stockpiles.

Eskom and AfDB are in partnership since 2009 once bank had approved the primary loan facility to support Eskom’s capital enlargement programmer.

This loan agreement is for construction that extends 552km. It consists of transmission lines and associated substations across Mpumalanga and Kwa-Zulu Natal provinces, and can even be wont to upgrade station instrumentality as well as fastening systems at varied existing substations in Mpumalanga, Eskom said.

It will conjointly incorporate renewable energy into the transmission network, guarantee reasonableness and security of provide,scale back transmission losses associate degree improve regional integration an safety operations, among different things.

The AfDB and Eskom have had a long-standing partnership, through that the Bank is supporting the transformation of this critically vital utility.

“The finance of the Eskom Transmission Project can lead to a major strengthening of South Africa’s transmission infrastructure. Not solely can this improve the responsiveness and security of electricity provide, however also will provide the combination of large-scale renewable energy into the transmission network, enhance network capability for future load growth and guarantee reduction in transmission losses,” said Dr. Kapil Kapoor, director general of the AfDB’s Southern continent bureau.

“We are significantly appreciative for the continuing support in an exceedingly time once Eskom has created major advancements towards absolutely securing the R72bn funding demand for this year,” aforementioned Eskom’s acting Chief money handler Calib Cassim.

“These styles of facilities are an illustration of the Bank’s mandate to contribute to the economic development and social progress of African countries,” he added

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The Reserve Bank should cut rates by 50 points – or more, says PwC

Reserve Bank should cut rates buy 50 points

Reserve Bank should cut rates

The South African Reserve Bank’s financial Policy Committee is meeting on, with the market wide expecting a rate cut of twenty five basis points to be proclaimed on weekday.

However, some economists believe that, whereas a twenty five basis points cut can bring some welcome relief to under-pressure shoppers, there’s space for a good larger cut.

According to PwC chief economic expert for continent, Lullu Krugel, and PwC economic expert Christie Viljoen, the MPC ought to be daring and offer a fifty basis points cut on weekday, particularly once considering South Africa’s repo rate is calculable to be one hundred basis points too high.

This is supported the ‘Taylor Rule’ calculation, named when Stanford economic expert John Taylor, that has typically been utilized in rate adjustment debates to work out what the ‘right’ level for the rate ought to be.

Taylor developed his equation within the Nineties to forecast interest rates and recommend however central banks ought to amendment rates to account for each inflation and economic process.

Using the Taylor Rule, PwC’s Strategy& social science estimates that the repo rate is presently around one decimal point too high, premised on inflation averaging four.5% this year, real economic process returning in at zero.7%, and – supported educational analysis – the country’s potential economic process being around a pair of.

“Of course, the ‘one decimal point too high’ calculation can vary from one economic expert to ensuing, looking on these assumptions,” Krugel aforementioned. “If, as an example, the higher finish of the 3%-6% SARB target is employed because the inflation target, the repo rate would be calculated as being one.7 proportion points too high.”

The SARB MPC has over the past year aimed for the four.5% mid-point of the inflation firing range – creating this the additional acceptable level for Taylor Rule calculations, Krugel aforementioned.

“The bottom line is that this type of calculation highlights the criticism that the SARB has received within the past concerning being too conservative on interest rates, i.e. fallible on the aspect of caution – and rather keeping rates on top of too low.”

PwC’s Strategy& social science aforementioned that it believes the MPC can cut back the repo rate by twenty five basis points on, to 6.50%. However, is additionally believes that the SARB ought to be daring and rather create a fifty basis points move stimulate the native economy. this may cut back interest rates to the bottom level in nearly four years.

Effect on shoppers

A fifty basis points amendment within the SARB repo rate was typically seen within the 2000s, however last determined in early 2014. Since then, the MPC has moved financial policy in twenty five basis points increments.

The monthly reimbursement on a R1 million home bond would decline by concerning R165 with a twenty five basis points rate cut, and a additional substantial R330 with a fifty basis points cut.

The R330 per month saved would lead to the bond reimbursement declining to A level not seen since late-2015, once the repo rate was last at vi.25%.

“Cutting interest rates on to a four-year low will certainly provide a short boost to the South African economy,” PwC said.

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South Africa’s army has run out of money!

South Africa's army has run out of Money!

Here’s how bad things have got with the Army Running out of Money

The Department of Defense and Military Veterans has warned that a severe lack of funding might impact its ability to guard South Africa.

In a media briefing on Wednesday (17 July), Defense minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula aforesaid that her department has been forced to ceaselessly regulate its plans down in response to the declining budget in recent years.

“The defense is turning into additional} more unsustainable in terms of declining defense allocations,” she said.

“We have currently reached the purpose wherever the Republic should choose the sort of defense it desires and what it will afford. we’d like a frank discussion terribly presently as we have a tendency to risk the irreversible injury to the defense as an entire.”

In a portfolio committee meeting held earlier this month, the department aforesaid that the continuing lack of funding might impact negatively on the power of the SANDF to fulfill its constitutional mandate.

It extra that over the past 3 money years low funds were offered to hide expenditure associated with compensation of workers.

This had diode to the Department of Defense exploring further sources of revenue, like the sale of assets (including land), to hide the shortage.

Declining force 

One of the key problems that was raised throughout the board meeting was the protection of South Africa’s borders.

Specific issues raised included:

That this preparation of fifteen SANDF sub-units on South Africa’s borders square measure low which a minimum of twenty two sub-units square measure needed.
The need for technological force multipliers to help deployed forces on the land borders.
Shortages of appropriate air assets at the Storm Troops Air Force’s thirty five Squadron likewise as twenty eight Squadron to result border patrols.

Other problems known include:

The exchange of South Africa’s foot fighting vehicles with a contemporary fleet;
Challenges with the SANDF’s logistic support to operational instrumentality – specifically the necessity for craft spares;
Outdated ICT systems, notably the finance, human resources and supplying systems.

How African nation compares

According to the most recent world Firepower ranking, South Africa Republic of South Africa|African country|African nation} is ranked as having the thirty second greatest strength within the world – behind Egypt (12th) and Algeria (27th) in Africa.

More than 137 countries feature on the list, with the ranking utilizing quite fifty five various factors to see a given nation’s Power Index.

According to the ranking, African nation has sixty six,300 active personnel and fifteen,000 reserve personnel.

It additionally estimates that the country has around fourteen,175,119 voters WHO would be fit-for-service ought to the country enforce draft laws.

Notably, the country stands out for its land power however has fallen behind different nations in recent years once it involves air and service power.

Air power

South Africa includes a total craft strength of 206 assets.

This includes:

17 aeroplane
17 warplane
23 transport craft
67 trainer craft
92 total helicopters
12 attack helicopters

Army/Land power

South Africa incorporates a total land strength of two,888 assets.

This includes:

195 combat tanks
2,500 armored fighting vehicles
43 self-propelled artillery
100 towed artillery
50 rocket projectors

Naval power

South Africa incorporates a total armed service strength of thirty assets.

Notably, the country presently has no craft carriers, destroyers or corvette-class vehicles.

This includes:

4 frigates
3 submarines
31 patrol craft
2 mine warfare vessels

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